Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Impact Assessment work launched at ACF session

Good session yesterday at the Association of Charitable Foundations conference, presenting with Jane Steele from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation the “major assessment of the impact of PHF’s funding since 2007″ which has been keeping us busy for much of the year.

Great to hear so many funders and others sharing their reflections. Particularly on the need to bring grantees into all this dialogue about impact, and acknowledging the need for “a culture change in evaluation, from monitoring and accountability to learning and development”. Where to start with that, I wonder?

We launched a report, which presents the Foundation’s new approach to impact measurement as a work-in-progress. It outlines the process we developed, the findings, and the next steps in terms of its strategic use.

For those interested in the nitty gritty of the research process, there are appendices on the PHF website describing how we assessed impact from project reports, how we graded evidence quality, as well as the scope and sampling

I look forward to engaging more fully with the Northern Rock Foundation’s approach and tool-kit, which they were presenting in the same session. 

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