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Growing up in a city like Bristol brings all sorts of opportunities and challenges. Doesn’t it?

Think about the sorts of resources Bristol has. It is a city with massive creative, technological, and green talent. It has world-leading industries and educational institutions. It has beautiful green spaces, and wonderful public buildings both old and new. It has fantastic people, both Bristol born and bred and others arriving and settling here from all around the world.

Think also about the sorts of challenges and opportunities that the city’s young people are facing, and might face over the next few years. Think about the changing world they might want to explore, and the difficulties, new possibilities and new choices that they might face.

What would happen if young people had a navigation tool that would let them find out easily just some of the activities, people, places and organisations in Bristol that could help them thrive and survive – whatever strange, delightful or disrupting  developments the future brings?

80 by 18 is a new project that aims to do just that. It’s a list of 80 things to do before 18; it’s a wide range of experiences across the city.

The thing is, the list isn’t written yet.

And we’re not going to come up with the list, Bristol is! It’s a conversation; it’s a challenge.

That’s it, that’s the idea. Now it’s over to you!

What would you put on that list?


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