All services are tailored specifically to the organisations I work with. Each assignment is developed in conversation, embedded sensitively within organisational activity, and executed with a flexible approach to ensure the most successful, relevant, and highest value results. Below are examples of services I have successfully delivered to clients on an independent basis in the past.

  • Project evaluation

I can advise on, contribute to, or independently complete full scale, mixed method evaluations of projects or programmes. The process typically involves some combination of the following stages: theory of change or logic model mapping; research design; instrument design; data collection; data analysis; report writing; presentation and dissemination.

  • Case studies

Based on depth interviews, to give a real flavour of and insight into the differences your organisation makes to your users and participants; for evaluation, publicity, or fundraising.

  • Market research, stakeholder, or user group surveying

Gathering, analysing, and presenting intelligence from the people and organisations connected to your work, using a range of methods such as:

Telephone or face-to-face interviews; web surveys; focus groups.

  • Desk-based research such as scoping and literature reviewing.

For a number of purposes, such as:

To inform new planned projects, programmes, or organisational change;
To support funding applications;
To review current activities in the light of wider sector developments.